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    AIM-1370632 AdFan™ (SUN) - Large Plastic Hand Fan

    Made to last with a flexible one-piece plastic frame and handle, AdFan™ is sturdy and unbreakable. This contemporary Japanese hand fan is built like a Lexus! Your advertising message and promotion can be broadcast on both sides of this fan without any printing limitations. Brand your corporate image and presence by getting your name seen again and again.
    It’s an unbeatable publicity vehicle at festivals, parades, pop concerts and sporting events the year round. Attention is guaranteed! Remarkably, your audience will keep your logo indefinitely on these valuable, durable fans.
    For Lower Quantity, Quick Ship & Smaller Size: Click on the following item# link 4052-QS-FCL
    "Base Price" Includes 1 color (1 side)
    $55.00 (g) Per Order (Exact Repeat No Charge)

    • AIM-1370632
    • AIM-1370632
    • AIM-1370632
    • AIM-1370632
    • AIM-1370632
    • AIM-1370632

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