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    AIM-1755385 Vacu Vin Active Cooler Wine Elegant Stainless Steel

    The Vacu Vin Active Cooler Wine Elegant actively chills your favorite bottle of wine and keeps it cool and refreshing. The elegant case contains a cooling element that makes sure that your bottle remains at its ideal serving temperature for longer. Keep the cooling element in your freezer for at least 6 hours for optimal use. The flexible cooling element inside is designed to fit tightly around your 0,7-1 l wine bottles. Once used, fold the cooling element flat and place it in the freezer for next time. This elegant wine cooler is ideal for a fancy dinner, barbecue, or another outdoor event. Vacu Vin Active Cooler Wine Elegant is the perfect bottle cooler for any occasion, get it now!
    Chills wine within 15 minutes and keeps it cold for hours - without the need for a refrigerator or ice
    Removable cooling element slides into a rigid shell that looks highly attractive on the tabletop
    Cooling sleeve must be stored in a freezer for 6 hours or more before being applied to the outer shell
    It's also lightweight and easy to transport for use at parties, picnics, barbecues, on holiday, etc. (without the outer shell)
    Cooling element is both flexible and virtually unbreakable - will tolerate regular and prolonged usage

    • AIM-1755385
    • AIM-1755385
    • AIM-1755385
    • AIM-1755385
    • AIM-1755385
    • AIM-1755385

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