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  1. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Calculator Notebook AIM-1371274


    With 70 lined pages, this spiral notebook has a built in 8 digit screen, solar powered calculator on the cover for easy access. The prominent logo...

  2. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Calculator Wallet AIM-1371358


    This solar powered calculator money bag wallet allows you to conveniently calculate exchange rates while you are traveling abroad by keeping your...

  3. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Large Key Desk Calculator AIM-1371367


    This large sized standard function calculator is solar powered and features large buttons for easy operation. The 8 digit screen allows for you to...

  4. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    12 Digit Solar Powered Desk Calculator AIM-1371440


    This 12 digit solar powered calculator features a tilting display to not only see the calculation results, but also have a nice view of the logo...

  5. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    12" Ruler w/Solar Calculator AIM-1371668


    Our 12" ruler with solar powered, 8-digit calculator is sure to make all of your calculations and measurements a snap! This item features a...

  6. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Touch Screen Solar Calculator AIM-1372028


    This touch screen solar calculator features a transparent key pad which gives the numbers the illusion of floating over your desk.

  7. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Brand It! Solar Calculator AIM-1387681


    Show your creativity by branding your solar calculator with your own unqiue style & flavor. Distribute a 1 of a kind desktop item that has been...

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