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Cast Products

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  1. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Progress AIM-1437311


    Whether its a career, a project or an organization, there are cycles. Challenges followed by success. Learning then mentoring. Giving and getting...

  2. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Celebrity Rectangle Frame AIM-1437329


    Photos are constant reminders of people and places that special. Add you imprint to this silver metal frame to make them extra special.

  3. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Sandia Obelisk AIM-1437340


    Cultured granite in a soft sand color pairs with wood in this wonderful twist on the classic obelisk.

  4. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Junction AIM-1437354


    Cracked, gray finished wrought iron, black marble and glass intersect in this unique design award forging a imposing and highly desired image.

  5. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Celebrity AIM-1437361


    The Celebrity star award features polished stainless star design delicately balancing above your message.

  6. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Sapphire Seas AIM-1437384


    Sapphire blue culture granite forms an alluring backdrop for your etched message on this plaque sure to be admired by all

  7. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Elated AIM-1437407


    Chrome Finished Sculpture with Jade Glass and Black Marble Base

  8. Prop 65 warningProp 65



    Executive Plaything with Walnut Base

  9. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Discovery Chrome AIM-1437409


    Discovery is a chrome finished metal sculpture embracing a sapphire blue glass disc with your imprint

  10. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Bronze Ribbon AIM-1437415


    Truly an artpiece! This cast design is suited for any award ceremony....as well as museum.

  11. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    ROI AIM-1437429


    Selecting the ROI plaque provides a huge return of gratitude and appreciation from the lucky recipient.

  12. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Imprint Plate AIM-1437443



  13. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Dorado AIM-1437482


    The road to success is full of twists and turns as imagined in this resplendent polished aluminum design.

  14. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Golden Reflections AIM-1437491


    A brilliant brass finish beams beneath the suspended glass with your etched message.

  15. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Bronze Eclipse AIM-1437498


    A cast bronze base, formed using the ancient lost wax process, presents an arc of glistening glass on this masterpiece designed to recognize those...

  16. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Bronco Buster AIM-1437505


    For those who manage to control an out of control situation, the Bronco Buster is a symbolic award with deep meaning.

  17. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Tack AIM-1437562


    Satin finished aluminum fashioned into a delightful sailboat makes an apt award or befitting gift.

  18. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Starring Pierrot AIM-1437571


    A gold star dances atop the lustrous base on this award with all the right elements.

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